Estefan is the senior film production of BYU's Animation class of '12. I was the lead rigger on the production, and I rigged its main character, Estefan.
Some of the features I designed into the rig were bendy bones, including 'full noodle' on the legs, independent hip movement, IK/FK spine for 'salsa dancing' or 'matador-esque' movement, and squash, strech and bend on the head and hair.

Here's it is in action, a big thanks to Aaron Ludwig for animating my rig so beautifully. 


This train engine is rigged in Houdini. All the motion is derivative of the rotation of the middle wheel, which will accelerate accurately to a user-defined target speed in MPH. Expressions are in Python.


I modeled and rigged this dog for BYU's film Butcher'd meats. Corrective blend shapes are used to preserve volume and show anatomy.


I modeled and rigged this little character for the experience of learning how to do a bone-driven facial rig. There are no blendshapes on this rig, only joints.